Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hair Streamers for teens

If you have a teenager (girl) you need to give a gift, give her a wardrobe of hair streamers.
The components are inexpensive and it only takes a little patience to put together.

1. Find 6 ribbons of varying widths, from the 1/16th to 5/8th sometimes even 1- 7/8th--X 18"long.
2. Lay a 3"piece of ribbon at the 9" mark---dab a bit of glue---all ribbons face down.
3. Then lay the 6 ribbons, narrowest down first, then wider and wider. Placing a tiny dab of glue between each one.
4. Take a ponytail holder and with the metal piece in the middle---glue it down.
5. Bring the 3" piece of ribbon around the pony tail holder and glue it down, bring the other end around and glue it and trim neatly. I use a clothespin to hold for a few minutes.

The hair streamers are very popular and can be done apropos to the season or colors to match outfits

For Grosgrain Ribbon go to
If anyone is looking for a cute, easy, inexpensive gift for giveaways or a small hostess gift at any time of year this is a wonderful one. And you are recycling, also.

Save any jars, pickle, olive, jam, jelly, salsa. Clean well and gently sand tops, just rough it up a little. I wait till I have a few

Spray paint all tops with gray primer. (I buy WallyWorlds cheapest)

Paint tops apropos to the season, orange for Halloween, red or green for Christmas, red for Valentines day, emerald green for St. Patty etc. etc.

Decorate the tops with yoyo's, ribbon or anything you wish. Fill with seasonal candy and you have a cute gift.

Snow, snow,snow

Today we are getting snow, still no power, looks like we are some of the last people to get power back. We are o.k. We have a generator and a gas stove so we can eat warm food and be relatively warm in here. No tv, of course, and it is early to bed.
Remember what lives our ancestors led. Well, sort of.
Hope everyone is o.k in our area.