Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hair Streamers for teens

If you have a teenager (girl) you need to give a gift, give her a wardrobe of hair streamers.
The components are inexpensive and it only takes a little patience to put together.

1. Find 6 ribbons of varying widths, from the 1/16th to 5/8th sometimes even 1- 7/8th--X 18"long.
2. Lay a 3"piece of ribbon at the 9" mark---dab a bit of glue---all ribbons face down.
3. Then lay the 6 ribbons, narrowest down first, then wider and wider. Placing a tiny dab of glue between each one.
4. Take a ponytail holder and with the metal piece in the middle---glue it down.
5. Bring the 3" piece of ribbon around the pony tail holder and glue it down, bring the other end around and glue it and trim neatly. I use a clothespin to hold for a few minutes.

The hair streamers are very popular and can be done apropos to the season or colors to match outfits

For Grosgrain Ribbon go to

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