Monday, September 21, 2009

A Florida Wedding

Sara is getting married in Florida, a wedding in the park and a reception at home. The wedding is a Fall wedding and basically a do-it-ourselves. My daughter Joann is giving the shower and working hard on making soap for the favors, she is cooking the food for the shower.

After my daughter Diann and I had a lovely lunch last Friday we stopped at Gardencraft to get ribbons and to check the sunflowers. We would love to have real sunflowers for the wedding but the ones at Gardencraft are so realistic you would have to be on top of them to know they weren't.
I did buy gold and sage green double faced satin ribbon for the girls bouquets. It is exciting to get together all the stuff for the wedding and the festivities.

Stay tuned for pics of the shower and the wedding festivities.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

A beautiful day ending our summer. (Not that we really had one, summer that is)
The acorns are falling off the trees, though not as many as last year. Maybe that means we will not have a rough winter. Oh, we could only wish..........

I am using the acorns to make small wreath like centerpieces. It takes a lot of work, washing the acorns, letting them dry out and then gluing the caps on before you can even start the wreath.
I made it simpler this time by using some small pinecones along with the acorns. My original had nothing but acorns and took hours to complete.
I am cutting a circle of cardboard, with the center cut out--to make a place for a candle. Then I will glue around the perimeter small pine cones then start the acorns. Stay tuned for a tutorial.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Berries and more berries....

I have been picking blackberries and raspberries on the property here----hoping to get enough to make a couple batches of jam. Last week I made samples of salsa, orange marmalade and spicy corn relish for the Out of the Box Sampler. I sent samples of spices the first 2 months I was in the boxes, since I only signed up to do 3 months I thought 4 ounce jar samples would be a good thing.
Hopefully there will be some business from it.

Glad the blackberry season is over, my body is all scratched up. I saw some blackberries at Whole Foods and they were $19.95 a pound so I forced myself to pick every day of August.

My tomatoes have finally started to ripen, we put 3 plants in a BIG pot and 2 small plants in a topsy turvy, cannot say it is a better way to grow. The tomatoes are late due to all the rain and lack of sunshine. Hope the frost does not get them before i can make my salsa, it is soooo much better with fresh tomatoes.

September 3 Our summer ends.....

Where has the summer gone? Our family has had lots going on this past summer.
Graduations, parties,a clambake and lots of getting together.
Our Evan started MassMaritime 2 weeks ago, I went with his parents and brother to see him off.
It is an impressive place and those young men are VERY impressive.
They have a wind turbine which furnishes most if not all of the energy needs. Nice to see that at a college.

Ashley goes off to Hampshire college next week for her last year.