Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

A beautiful day ending our summer. (Not that we really had one, summer that is)
The acorns are falling off the trees, though not as many as last year. Maybe that means we will not have a rough winter. Oh, we could only wish..........

I am using the acorns to make small wreath like centerpieces. It takes a lot of work, washing the acorns, letting them dry out and then gluing the caps on before you can even start the wreath.
I made it simpler this time by using some small pinecones along with the acorns. My original had nothing but acorns and took hours to complete.
I am cutting a circle of cardboard, with the center cut out--to make a place for a candle. Then I will glue around the perimeter small pine cones then start the acorns. Stay tuned for a tutorial.

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