Monday, January 18, 2010

8" of snow today.....

I was driving home from a catering job last night in the darkness and rain, I was panicking because the weather report said SNOW, which since my 10 years in Florida, I am very concerned with driving. Driving on Route 2 I was in Leominster and still rain, not snow, I breathed a sigh of relief until I hit the exit for Route 31.

Tricia made me the birthday cake for this job and it was a huge hit. Buttercream frosting is the only way to go on a special cake. It was yummy.
Does anyone remember the 'old' frostings, lard and confectioners sugar? Awful but it was the only kind you could get on a 'store-bought' cake. Imagine all that lard in our arteries.......

Wow, driving snow, it was coming at me like a hurricane. Fortunately I only had about a mile to go. I drove in the gate and there was already a couple of inches of the white stuff. Boy, I really made it "home" in the nick of time.

Al had it nice and cozy for me, and our cozy means 80 degrees. I got in my "jammies" immediately and flopped on the couch. Since there is nothing on TV lately that I like, in about 20 minutes I was snuggled in my bed with a book.
Tonight one of my favorite shows '24' starts again, so Monday night I will not be reading I will be watching the TV. We will see how this season progresses.

I need to get into my craft room today, I have neglected my crafting for too long and I have crepe paper to ruffle and projects to make with my new supplies. No trips to Michaels or anywhere else for today.

Well, they are plowing the way to my craft room so I will hurry in and get some work done. A short day for me today I am sure.
Have a happy day all.

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